Global warming is not a hoax, it is here, it is real, it is affecting our planet today. The needs of our society to move and function are based exclusively on carbon based fuels. Coincidently it is this fossil fuel which is the main producer of CO2 gas and this gas is the one which is primary causing earth to warm up.

Do not be fool by those people who are trying to convince you that global warming is just a cry for liberals to get a bigger government or to squeeze more dollars out of you. It is a reality.

All these different organizations agree on it:
NASA’s Goddard Institute of Space Studies (GISS):
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA):
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC):
National Academy of Sciences (NAS):
State of the Canadian Cryosphere (SOCC) –
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):
The Royal Society of the UK (RS) –
American Geophysical Union (AGU):
American Meteorological Society (AMS):
American Institute of Physics (AIP):
National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR):
American Meteorological Society (AMS):
Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (CMOS):

Every major scientific institution dealing with climate, ocean, and/or atmosphere agrees that the climate is warming rapidly and the primary cause is human CO2 emissions:
Academia Brasiliera de Ciencias (Brazil)
Royal Society of Canada
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Academie des Sciences (France)
Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher Leopoldina (Germany)
Indian National Science Academy
Accademia dei Lincei (Italy)
Science Council of Japan
Russian Academy of Sciences
Royal Society (United Kingdom)
National Academy of Sciences (United States of America)

All these great institutions and organizations, filled with the greatest minds concerning global warming and climate control, are working today to raise awareness on these matters. Professionals and scientists studying, researching, analyzing and testing their data as we speak, in order to lower emissions and reverse global warming so we can enjoy this planet for the centuries and millenniums to come. We need to get involved, we need to do our share.

Let’s work together. Believe. Pitch in. Save the Planet.



I have always believed in the following: every action, no matter how big or small, starts with a desire. Global warming is a reality and it is here to stay if we do not take action today. It is that simple. After living in Panama, in a country located in the rainforest, I have witnessed a lot of deforestation in the name of country development. Today I have a desire, a desire to take action and speak out, and a desire to let people know that global warming is happening and that we can reverse it! It is up to us, in our desire to start an action, to stop global warming.

There are many small steps you can do around your house in order to get involved in this matter, it is simple and it could go a long way towards helping our aching planet.

Plant a tree in your backyard/neighborhood. Planting a tree has many pros for our environment, it will absorb CO2 (green house gas) and convert it into breathable earth. This will even take back some of your own emissions, making you a direct collaborator to Mother Nature. It will also bring shade to your backyard/neighborhood. Trees have a cooling effect during summer; they can bring down temperature by as much as 4 degrees Celsius.

Reduce your energy bill. It is easier than it seems at first. Here are a few tips:
– Always turn off all appliances when you are not using them, especially TVs and computers.
– Always hibernate your laptop; the screen saver can be as costly as a 75 watt bulb.
– Don’t use the SLEEP function with your TV, just turn it off.
– Purchase appliances that are rated as “energy saving appliances”

Educate your children about global warming. Educating young ones is very important if you want them to care about environment issues when they are older. It is good to get them started early in their life so it will become a part of their identity and social behavior. It is the planet they will inherit after all. So teach by example and become involved, for your children’s sake.

I hope this few tips will give you a small guideline to get started and doing your share in stopping global warming. Always remember that one small action makes little difference, a million small actions will make a huge difference!


Im not an expert in this field at all, im just concerned and I would love to put some effort into letting the whole world what a difference we can make if we all pull together and try to save rain forests! 

I hope you guys enjoy my opinions and please comment… I’m looking forward to your posts about the environment, trees, rain forest experiences, etc.

Hi everybody, this is a video I have just seen today. It is from 2006 but I thought it was worth sharing with you guys. It is narrated by Leo Dicaprio and his media company produced it.
The whole video goes about explaining our dependence on oil and how these fossil fuels have contributed to global warming. The line which got to me the most was “Get Educated, STAY EDUCATED!” This is very important to all of us because as of today most people are behind when knowledge about global warming is concerned. We need to get even and ahead and we will only accomplish this once we know what is going on with our planet, once we take a stance and decide to make a difference! This will only come from knowledge, nobody fights for something they either do not know or do not understand.
Enjoy the video and remember GET EDUCATED and STAY EDUCATED!

Today we all need to take five minutes and think about our planet, our home. Let us think about all the wonderful things this place has given us. Our house, where we share with our families and love ones; our beaches, where we have fun and enjoy sunny days; our rivers, our jungles, our trees, and so many other things that we may enjoy in our respective cities.
Let’s be thankful and appreciate what we have, how lucky we for having this wonderful place, its oceans, grand canyons, Himalayas, and Niagara falls! Isn’t Earth awesome!?

Now let’s think about what are we doing today in order to make it an even better place? I don’t mean to get everybody thinking negative, as in all the deforestation, carbon gases, or global warming, pollution, etc. I mean let’s be positive, let’s us all get in a positive frame of mind and start making this earth, which we all call home, a better place. This starts with every single one of us, it is a desire which will come form inside of us, nobody can coerce you into doing something you don’t feel like, specially environmentally, nobody will come into your home and make you recycle, but we can make it a household chore and get our family involved so it will become a fun project for your children as well; whom will benefit from the example you will be setting for their future as well as earth will appreciate it!

So take five, take a deep breath, and take action! Keep in mind this place, this earth, this home is what you will be passing on to your children and grandchildren. We don’t have any other planet to pass on, so lets take care of this one. Lets do it from today, from EARTH DAY!


Get Involved in Saving the Rainforest!
In order to understand to what extend deforestation affects us all, we need first to understand and realize two things; how much we get out of rainforests and the abundance of life living within rainforests.
Rainforest are places that work as oxygen factories, trees take as much CO2 as they possibly can and convert it into breathable air or oxygen through photosynthesis. If we were to shut down these factories, I don’t think there is a single person who could not see the chaos the world would become. I would like to mention as well that these factories also do another great and selfless act; they fight global warming and the green house effect by reducing the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere! Did I mention trees take care of these two specific chores just by existing and remain standing! It is beyond me why a person or corporation would destroy these magnificent places of well being and rich fauna which do humanity so much good.
As I said before in a prior post, there is no point trying to stop cities from developing and the ever growing need of more space for us living in this planet, but I am sure we all can do a lot more in order to stop reckless deforestation.
The rainforest are places of rich life, its constant hot climate and abundance of water through rain make of it a boiling stew of life! From all the insects which feed off an infinite array of flowers to the birds, monkeys, snakes, dolphins, alligators, big cats, and all the other species which are an intricate part of the whole planet’s balance. Rainforests are rich sanctuaries to many forms of life, absolutely necessaries to the equilibrium of the planet’s ecosystem.
These are some of the reasons why we all need to get involved today and start doing something. You don’t need to make great changes in your life, maybe using less paper today at the office or plant a tree in your backyard, donate a tree online, etc!
Getting involved is easy, all it takes is determination and you will be making a huge different every day and setting a good example on your children and those around you.
Get out there and help us save the rainforests!

I few weeks ago I came across an article about the deforestation situation of all the tropical rainforests. It talked about the main causes this beautiful places, origin to thousands of different life forms, are being damaged by people in so many different ways, among others: subsistence agriculture, colonization, tourism, and civilization development ( This latter caught my attention the most, because last week I went to my teak farm, and I got to see with my own eyes how a highway development affects our rainforest and trees so badly.

My teak farm is located about 1 hour drive from Panama City, it is located in the Colon province, home of Colon City (second biggest city in our country, Panama). Last year the government decided to build a long overdue highway connecting both cities (of course I am all for improving the quality of life of my countrymen) but I can not agree with the amount of deforestation that took place in order to build this highway.

Hundred of acres deforested in order to make way for four lanes that will bring better days to a lot of people, no doubt; but also brought a lot of disorder and chaos to a well established eco system that has being here long before us, and will continue to be here for (hopefully) thousands or millions of years after every single one of us has left this world.

Since development of cities is inevitable, specially today where commerce since to grow exponentially, cities expand rapidly, and the whole world seems to be at everybody s fingertips, we need better way of transport and communication, but could we also be more interested in both preserving and saving tropical rainforests and trees? The answer is a big OF COURSE! I would have loved to see our government promoting the planting of trees in different areas of our country in order to make up for the ones lost during the development of this highway, or during the construction of so many other infrastructures. Also having more people come forward and speak up as energetic and belligerent they are about so many other problems we have on this planet. Maybe all we need are more ways to let people know about this, get them involved.

Since so much rainforest is lost every year, roughly about twice the size of the state of FLORIDA, this has become a problem for every single one of us earthlings, I think we need to get the word out, raise awareness and get people involved! Tropical Rainforest account for only 2% of land surface but through photosynthesis of trees they take massive amounts of CO2 emissions and make air clean and breathable again for every one of us. SO WE ALL NEED OUR RAINFOREST AND TREES!!


I’m not an expert in this field at all, im just concerned and I would love to put some effort into letting as much people as I can what a difference we can make if we all pull together and try to save rain forests!

I hope you guys enjoy my opinions and please comment… I’m looking forward to your posts about the environment, trees, rain forest experiences, etc.

Ill be blogging pretty soon


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